List of Lord Krishna’s name with its meaning

Today, we are going to present to you the list of Lord Krishna’s names with its meaning. You all know about the Lord Vishnu’s 8th incarnation of Lord Krishna. The Lord Vishnu descendants on the earth to rebuild the Dharma (Religion), Nyay (justice), Satya (Truth), and also to destroy the demons. Lord Krishna was very popular among the people. He was the Purna Purushottam. Despite having a divine power, he lived like a human being. During his life, he appeared in a different role so that he had lots of names. Every name describes his unique nature and quality. These different names were given by people, friends etc. So here, we mentioned the list of Lord Krishna’s different name with its meaning.

List of Lord Krishna’s name with its meaning| Lord Krishna’s other name

Lord Krishna was known by so many different names. There was a story and fact behind his every name. Based on the situation, he is known as a different name. The list of Krishna’s different names are as follows :

  • Krishna :- The supreme all attractive form of godhead.
  • Parthasarathi :- The charioteer of Parth (Arjun) in Mahabharat Battle.
  • Vasudev :- The son of Vasudeva.
  • Devkinandan :- The son of Mother Devki.
  • Nandnandan :-  The son of Nand Maharaj.
  • Yashodanandan :- The son of Mother Yashoda.
  • Madhusudan :- The killer of Demon Madhu.
  • Narayan :- The shelter of all human beings.
  • Govinda :- The giver of pleasure to cows and senses.
  • Keshav :- The one who has long black matted hair
  • Madhav :- The husband of the Goddess of Fortune.
  • Ranchhod :- The one who who run away from the battlefield.
  • Janardhan :- The maintenance of all living entities.
  •  Lakshmipati :- The husband of Goddess Lakshmi
  •  Hrishikesh :- The owner of all senses.
  •  Mukunda :- The giver of liberation.
  •  Damodar :- The one who was bound by ropes through his belly. (Mother Yashoda bent him with pillar by rope)
  •  Hari :- He takes away all distress.
  •  Achyuta :- The one who never falls down.
  •  Ajita :- The unconquerable.
  •  Yogeshwara :- The master of mystic powers.
  •  Jagatpati :-  The The master of the cosmic manifestation.
  •  Yadunandan :- The son of Yadu Dynasty.
  •  Brahmanya Deva :- He worshipped by all Brahmins.
  •  Jananivasa :- He is present in everyone’s heart.
  •  Vaman :- The  Dwarf incarnation, who taught a lesson to King Bali.
  •  Trinayana :- The seer of Three Worlds.
  •  Shripati :- The husband of Goddess of Fortune Lakshmi 
  •  Sankarshan :- The supreme shelter and attractor of all living entities.   
  •  Murlimanohar :- He one who looks beautiful with a flute.
  •  Gopala :- Cowherd
  •  Dwarkadhish :- The lord of Dwarka
  •  Makhanchor :- The stealer of Butter
  •  Gopinatha :- The lord of Gopis
  •  Radhavallabha :- Lover of Radha
  •  Girdhar :- He who lifted a hill (The Govardhan Mount)
  •  Panduranga :- The white lord of Pandharpur (Maharashtra)
  •  Shyamsundara :- Black & Beautiful
  •  Bhaktvatsal :- One who uplifts his devotees
  •  Kanhaiya :-  Adolescent
  •  Ghanshyam :- The color of the darkest cloud that will rain soon, solid black
  •  Murari :- The killer of the demon ‘Mura’.
  •  Krishnamurari :- The one who conquered everybody’s heart by playing his flute.
  •  Balamukund :- Young Krishna
  •  Jagmohan :- One who attracts the world.  
  •  Kanha :- pet name of Lord Krishna which means ‘fashion’.
  •  Kishan :- the one who have dark skinned.
  •  Madan :- The God of Love
  •  Mohan :- The one who attracts the man (mind).
  •  Manmohan :- The Winner of the Heart, Pleasing.    

So, This was the different name of Lord Krishna with its meaning. I hope you would enjoy this mythology topic. Lord Krishna had stolen the heart of people by doing lots of mind blowing lilla. He appeared on this earth for not only to rebuilt the Dharma but also for made some people free from their past life curse.

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