CTMN concept for face beauty | skincare tips

Today, we are going to present to you the CTMN concept for skincare. This concept or name may be new for you by hearing. Everyone wants to look beautiful and gorgeous, but due to family and other responsibilities we couldn’t take care of our skin especially women.  Only for occasionally purpose, they choose to facial or bleach for skin glowing. But sometimes this facial or bleach may be costly. And skincare cosmetics maybe not suitable for our skin and without knowing these people purchase it and faced side effects. So today, we will discuss the CTMN concept along with different types of skincare products which suitable for your skin. 

CTMN concept for face beauty | skincare tips

Firstly, we will know about which cream or face wash is suitable for your skin. Everyone has different types of skin like oily, rough or dry, sensitive, normal, oily and combination, etc. At first, we must know about our skin type, then choose the skincare product as per your skin types so that you haven’t face side effects problems.

  • Oily skinned people should choose gel, serum, and clay formed facewash or cleanser. And they should choose the cream or moisture which has a flavor like allovera, honey & lemon, cucumber & tomato, neem & tea, gram flour & turmeric, rose water, chamomile tea and so on.   
  • Dry or rough-skinned people should choose a rich creamy form of face wash or cleanser. They should choose flavors like – papaya, milk & honey, strawberry, lavender, rosewater,  curd, neem, turmeric & saffron, etc.
  • Sensitive skinned people should choose foaming cleanser because their skin reacts to almost any product. They should choose flavors like plum, allovera, neem, etc.
  • Normal skinned people can buy any form of facewash or cleanser as their skin is suitable for every flavored cosmetics. Some common flavors like neem, neem & tea, etc.

Let’s start the CTMN concept. In this concept, there are four things we needed that is a cleanser, toner, moisture, or day cream & night cream (only for more than 35 years). The night cream is optional, it is only essential for more than 35-year ladies. Cleanser, Toner & Moisturizer is a must. But purchase it as per your skin type. This CTMN concept, we will follow twice in a day. By this CTMN concept, you never need to any facial or bleach for glowing skin.

1. C = Cleanser. (wash your face)

This first step is to clean our faces. Here, you can use face wash instead of a cleanser. So firstly, wash your face with clean and cool water then apply 3 or 4 drops of cleanser on your face and massage your face with your fingers for a while and then wash it by clean and cool water and dry your face with a cotton napkin or handkerchief.

2. T = Toner (apply tonner for clean your micro dust)

In this 2nd step, we will again clean our face with toner. Toner is a special type of water that clean micro dust which is not clearly gone from our face. So for this, take cotton sponge (roo/ rui) and pour it into toner liquid. And then clean your face with this cotton sponge and you will see that some micro or tiny dust remained after cleanser. So after clean your face by toner, wash your face by clean and cool water.

3. M = Moisturizer  or day cream (for glowing your skin)

In this step, you will go for using moisture or cream. After completing the above two steps, now our face is clean and fresh. So to make our face more attractive, we will apply moisture or day cream on our face. For this, take the cream on your fingers not on your palm, and gently spread it on your whole face.  So these three steps, you will follow twice in a day.

4. N = Night cream (only for more than 30 year woman)  

This night cream step is optional because night cream is only for more than 35-year females. This cream only we can use at night. The night cream is not necessary for less than 35 years. The night cream is to repair the damaged skin.

So this was the CTMN concept for skincare. By this, your skin will glow every day and don’t need to purchase any special cream and treatment. I hope this concept will be useful to you. Cleanser, toner & moisture creams are available at any cosmetic store as per your skin type.

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