Brahmakamal : The Mysterious Flower | History of Brahmakamal

Today, we will discuss the very mysterious flower which fulfills our wishes if we see while it blooming. This flower is considered a flower of mythological flower that is the flower of Indian God & Goddess (Deviya Pushp). This flower only blooms one time in a year, and it blooms at night. The mysterious thing is that how it blooming? So let’s know about the Brahmakamal flower. My article about Brahmakamal is published in SVV magazine under Atlu Jano Column. In this you will get to know about brahmakamal introduction, appearance, how it bloom, mythological story related to it, its medicine uses, significance and more.

Brahmakamal : The Mysterious Flower | History of Brahmakamal

To read about brahmakamal history click on below mentioned link 👇👇

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