Ahmedabad Pol History | Ahmedabad Pol Houses

Today, I’m going to tell you about Ahmedabad Pol which is considered the heart of the Ahmedabad. This pol is recognized by world heritage sites. There are so many poles in Ahmedabad city with a unique name. There’s a history hidden behind each name of pol. In this, you will know about the pol meaning & history, the structure of pol, people of pol, rules of pol and a poem of pol. In SVV magazine, my article about Ahmedabad Pol has been published under the title of ‘Pol ni Pole’. I’ve written this article under the Atlu Jano column. So don’t forget to read & share.

Ahmedabad Pol History | Ahmedabad Pol Houses

Click on the link 👇👇 to see the photos of Ahmedabad Pol


Download magazine :- https://shopizen.page.link/rDmP

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