Why Kite Flying on Makarsankranti? | ઉતરાયણમાં પતંગ ચગાવવાનું રહસ્ય

Today, I’m going to put my 17th article published in SVV magazine under the title of the Atlu Jano column. I’m excited to tell you about the makarsankranti- the kite flying festival of gujarat in my festival special article. On this day, there are another states of india which celebrates its own regional festival. This is an one and only festival which celebrates on the basis of date. These are some scientific facts behind this along with mythological facts. So let’s know about that why people fly kites on makarsankranti /uttarayan festival ??? Why people cooked sesame laddoos, sesame sweets ?? Importance of makarsankranti, health facts behind makarsankranti festival, celebration activities of makarsankranti and some special facts.

Why Kite Flying on Makarsankranti? | ઉતરાયણમાં પતંગ ચગાવવાનું રહસ્ય

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Click 👇👇 to watch kite festival video

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