Women’s Day special blog | International Women’s Day

Today, I’m going to present a women’s day special blog. Here, I will tell you about the woman power of India. As we all know, recently on 26th January, Padma Awards were conferred by our honorable president. This year 29 women have achieved a Padma category award. So on this special day, let’s appraise these all-women power – Sri Shakti. Here, I listed 29 names of women who achieved the padma category award. 

Women’s Day special blog | International Women’s Day

Padma Award female winners are listed below:-

  1. Padma Bhushan Ms. K S Chithra – Kerala
an Indian playback singer and Carnatic musician. 

2. Padma Bhushan Ms. Sumitra Mahajan – Public Affair – Madhya Pradesh

an Indian politician who was the Speaker of Lok Sabha from 2014 to 2019. She belongs to Bharatiya Janta Party.

3. Padma Shri Ms. P. Anitha – Sports – Tamil Nadu

Basket Ball Player

4. Padma Shri Ms. Bhuri Bai – Art – Madhya Pradesh

Bhil Painter Artist

5. Padma Shri Ms. Lakhimi Baruah – Social Work – Assam

Founder of (KMUCB) Konoklota Mahila Urban Cooperative Bank. Started with Inly one vision to make women from underprivileged backgrounds financially independent.
KMUCB was the first all-women bank in Assam.

6. Padma Shri Rajni Bector – Trade and Industry – Punjab

Founder of Cremica Food Brand

7. Padma Shri Ms. Sangkhumi Bualchhuak – Social Work – Mizoram

Empowered Mizo Women

8. Padma Shri Ms. Bijoya Chakravarty – Public Affairs – Assam

an Indian politician from the Bharatiya Janta Party.

9. Padma Shri Ms. Mouma Das – Sports – West bengal

Table Tennis Player

10. Padma Shri Ms. Chutni Devi – Social Work – Jharkhand

Saved 60 women from Witch – Haunting

11. Padma Shri Ms. Dulari Devi – Art – Bihar

Self made Maithili or Madhubani Painter Artist

12. Padma Shri Ms. Radhe Devi – Art – Manipur

88 years old Potloi Setpi Weaver from Manipur who is keeping the art of ‘potloi’ alive. 

13. Padma Shri Ms. Shanti Devi – Social Work – Odisha

Social Worker serving the poor for 6 decades in Maoist affected Rayagada

14. Padma Shri Ms. Anshu Jamsenpa – Sports – Arunachal Pradesh

an Indian mountaineer and the first woman in the world to scale the summit 

15. Padma Shri Ms. Purnamasi Jani – Art – Odisha

a septuagenarian tribal spiritual leader who having composed over 50,000 devotional songs in Kui, Odia and Sanskrit.

16. Padma Shri Ms. Prakash Kaur – Social Work – Punjab

63-year-old, who herself was abandoned by her biological parents. She was also a singer.

17. Padma Shri Ms. Sanjida Khatun – Art – Bangladesh

 a Bangladeshi musicologist.  & she was one of the founders of Bangladesh Mukti Sangrami Shilpi Sangstha during the Liberation War in 1971 

18. Padma Shri Ms. Niru Kumar – Social Work – Delhi

A leading figure in modern medicine, psychology and life coaching, Dr. Niru Kumar is a versatile personality: a medical doctor, a psychologist, hypnotherapist, Mars Venus coach, pranic healer, teacher and Reiki Grandmaster.

19. Padma Shri Ms. Lajwanti – Art – Punjab

a distinguished Handloom Artist from Patiala who has been promoting Phulkari embroidery for over 4 decades. 

20. Padma SHri Ms. Pappammal – Agriculture – Tamilnadu

an organic farmer from Tamil Nadu, India. At the age of 105, she is argued to be the oldest farmer still active in the field.

21. Padma Shri Ms. Jaswantiben Jamnadas Popat – Trade and Industry – Maharashtra

Founder of Lijjat Papad

22. Padma Shri Ms. Birubala Rabha – Social Work – Assam

an Indian activist who campaigns against witchcraft and witch hunting in Assam in India. 

23. Padma Shri Ms. Bombay Jayashri Ramnath – Art – Tamilnadu

an Indian musician. She has sung in multiple languages including Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam and Hindi movies.

24. Padma Shri Sindhutai Sapkal – Social Work – Maharashtra

affectionately known as the “Mother of Orphans”, is an Indian social worker and social activist known particularly for her work in raising orphaned children in India.

25. Padma Shri Ms. Sudha Hari Narayan Singh – Sports – Uttar Pradesh

a steeplechase athlete from Rae Bareli who is known for winning multiple medals for India.

26. Padma Shri Ms. Mridula Sinha (Posthumous) – Literature and Education – Bihar

was an Indian writer and politician who served as Governor of Goa & She was the first woman Governor of Goa. 

27. Padma Shri Guru Maa Kamali Soren – Social Work – West Bengal

Kamali Soren, who is also known as Guru Maa in and around Gazole of Malda, She was instrumental in persuading several tribal people, mostly Christians and some Muslims, to embrace Hinduism as part of Sangh Parivar agenda by offering monetary and other incentives. 

28. Padma Shri Ms. Nidumolu Sumathi – Art – Andhra Pradesh

also known as Dandamudi Sumathi Ram Mohan Rao, is an Indian percussionist, primarily adept in the mridangam. She is the wife of “Mridangam Maestro” Sri Dandamudi Ram Mohan Rao.She is one of the first female mridangam players in India, and the first female Laya Vinyasam artist. 

29. Padma Shri Ms. Usha Yadav – Literature and Education – Uttar Pradesh

Hindi litterateur and author, Usha Yadav has not only added a shining feather in her cap but also preserved her father’s legacy. 

so this was the 29 women power of India, who achieved Padma Award for her absolute contribution towards her society, art, profession and so on. wishing you al happy women’s day to all.

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