Lord Ram & Lord Krishna

Today, we will discuss about the two divine incarnation of Lord Vishnu that is Lord Ram & Lord Krishna. Same intention with different personality. One is Dhanurdhar & other is Bansiwala, one is Maryada Purushottam & other is Poorna Purushottam, one is serious & other is naughty. So here we will discuss that how these both are different from each other In Spite of the element of Lord Vishnu. I mentioned the difference between lord ram and lord krishna in the form of his traits, power, personality, life and so on. They both came on the earth to destroy the demons for establish the dharma/religion.


Ram and Krishna :- The divine and supreme avatars of Lord vishnu. Although having a different nature and life , the goal of both was same that is rebuilt dharma by destroying demons on earth. so let’s know that  how they were different.

1) Ram was born in tretayug while Krishna in Dwaparyug (starting of kalyug).

2) Ram was 7th avatar of Lord vishnu while Krishna was 8th.

3) Ram was born on day while Krishna in night.

4) Ram would  never laugh and Krishna would  never cry.

5) For Ram , discipline was everything they were not cross his boundary whereas For Krishna , there was not a thing like discipline.

6) Ram devoted himself  towards his family while krishna towards his loved ones and devotees.

7) Ram’ life was ideal and struggling. Krishna’s life was full of adventures but he enjoyed it in spite of having a number of problems. (in short ,  for him life is like a festival)

8) Ram was one woman man. while Krishna was many woman man as he has a 8 wives (patranis)

9) Ram was Maryada Purushottam. While Krishna was Purna Purushottam.

10) Ram was elder among his  brothers while Krishna was younger.

11) Ram was idealistic while Krishna was practical used some strategy.

12) Ram suffered a lot in spite of having a good qualities like a ideal son , brother , husband , king , master and enemy refuge. while Krishna did not suffer.

13) Ram was born in solar dynasty while Krishna in lunar dynasty.

14) Ram is seen as an epitome of righteousness and the most sought after virtues in life. while Krishna is shown as mischievous and romantic as a youngster.

15) Ram was born in palace while Krishna in jail.

16) Ram’s childhood was in the palace while Krishna’s between the cowherd.

17) Ram lived as a king and ruled the kingdom for many years while Krishna was never be the king but always the king maker.

18) Ram killed Bali while Krishna was killed by Bali in the form of Paradhi (hunter)

19) Ram killed demons as a Guru Dakshina while Krishna brought back a life to guru’s dead children as his guru dakshina.

20) Ram’s weapon was bow and arrow while Krishna have a Sudarshan Chakra.

21) Ram always followed Dharma while Krishna made his own interpretation of Dharma.

22) Ram didn’t kill his any relatives while Krishna did this (killed Kans Mama)

23) Ram never displayed any divine power during his avatar while Krishna displayed it on many occasions. (took govardhan parvat on his tiny finger , shown his divine virat roop to arjun on kurukshetra field )

24) Ram depicted as a king while Krishna as a cowherd. (govaliyo)

25) Ram was cursed by Taramati (wife of Bali) while Krishna was cursed by Gandhari (mother of kaurav)

26) Ram destroyed the inner six fold enemies like – anger , lust , greed , infatuation, pride and jealously. while Krishna stands for the divine folded qualities like – spiritual wisdom , supreme attachment , great  valour, righteousness , forgiveness and incomparable fame.

27) Ram took up weapons in his battle while Krishna did not take up he was only Sarthi (charioteer)  in Kurukshetra battle.

so.. these was the different qualities of Ram and Krishna which differentiates them from each other. But both are same on some matter like selflessness, rebuilt dharma etc….

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